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Posts : 76
Join date : 2009-11-16
Age : 26

PostSubject: Activeness   Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:05 pm

Your Activeness can be anything!
My Daily Activeness on the server -

Weekdays(Mon-Thurs;Not including Friday) = 1-3 hours
Weekends = Ugh, probaly the Whole day if not, maybe 7-14 hours

Thanks for reading and have a great time on the server!

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Add me on MSN for any help!
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Posts : 84
Join date : 2009-11-16
Age : 24
Location : In your bathroom, using your toothbrush

PostSubject: Re: Activeness   Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:45 pm

My Daily Activeness on the server -

Weekdays= Everyday for about 5-6 hours.
Weekends = Anytime its up I"m on the server on the weekend.

-Abuse Very Happy

Message me on the forums or in-game if you need help :O

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Lobs eat you

Posts : 55
Join date : 2009-11-17
Age : 22
Location : In a box, USA

PostSubject: Re: Activeness   Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:23 pm

Yarrr harro dar peoplezzz.... Dis be mah activeness report right hurrr... Very Happy

Weekdays - When ever i can, or when ever its up(considering i have gay homework and what not)
Weekends - When ever the servers up, and im home cause im usually out at ye' ole mudhole.. so yarr..

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Gold Ranked Pvper
Gold Ranked Pvper

Posts : 47
Join date : 2009-11-21
Location : Nz Auckland

PostSubject: Re: Activeness   Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:24 pm

Weekdays - 4+ hrs
Weekends = 14+ hours
... thursdays i got swimming practie 5-7 and friday
basketball 4-6 so yer
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The Reason
Silver Rank Pvper
Silver Rank Pvper

Posts : 18
Join date : 2009-11-22
Age : 24
Location : Texas , On a boat

PostSubject: Re: Activeness   Sun Nov 22, 2009 1:46 pm

My Daily Activeness on the server

Week days- 30min

Weekends- 1 hour

Well I’m grounded so really don’t play much but if i wasn’t it would probably be 2 hours weekday and 6 hours weekends
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Ghosts vesta

Posts : 13
Join date : 2009-11-25
Age : 24
Location : Behind my computer

PostSubject: Re: Activeness   Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:03 am

hehe i play like 5 hours normaly
like 10 hours in weekends ( mostly whenever server is up)
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PostSubject: Re: Activeness   

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