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 Applications Layout

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PostSubject: Applications Layout   Applications Layout Icon_minitimeFri Nov 20, 2009 6:25 pm

Use the following Format/Layout to apply for a Moderator-
(Do not reply on this post or it will be deleted.)

Reason To become Moderator :
Age :
Any Expierence?
Combat Level :

Will you help the server get VPS by donating to it?

How will you help the server as a Moderator and a REG. Player?

Just follow those LayOuts and you'll be fine!


1.) You MUST follow the LayOuts or your Application will be removed.
2.) All Applications MUST have a poll in them saying if you should be a Mod or not.
(Yes or No answers)

3.) Making Multiple Accounts to vote for yourself will get you a Black Mark and your post will be removed.

4.) No Copying others answers or thoughts

Good Luck and your Applications will be checked every 2 days!

After your application is aproved, your post will be removed to refrain others from copying it.
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Applications Layout
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